Groovy Road
Roll along the road and enjoy challenges!
About the game
Groovy Road is an upbeat and exciting adventure made for you, creative players! Your task here is to pick up coins, bypass obstacles and reach the end. Sounds simple? Well, let's see how long you will stay on the road!

Remember, the ball gets bigger while picking up coins and the control gets harder, so do not skip the reset spots, located on the road, to return the ease of control.

Runner, Arcade, Racing
Release Date
August, 2019
easy playing, time killer, offline, casual, arcade
unwind, runner, indie, adventure, hyper casual
Ages 4+
Groovy Road is a simple, but addictive game, it is all you need to pass time and unwind
Free and with no ads
The game comes free with plenty of levels and with no ads included
Simple but challenging
It requires just free hands and some time to have a great adventure
Bright and fun
Enjoy nice graphics and interesting challenges, which brings lots of fun
Roll along the road, bypass obstacles, and pick up coins!

Keep in mind that the ball gets bigger with every coin! Do not skip reset spots, they will make the ball smaller.

Remember, smaller ball is much easier to control!

Trampolines and springs help you bypass the largest and moving obstacles.

Enjoy and let us know about your thoughts of the game, leaving a review on the Appp Store or Google Play!
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Meet our Team
Helena Savenko
Producer, UX/UI, Level Design, Game Design
Helena's been working in Software Development since 2006. Her career in gamedev started in 2011 in a popular social network where she developed a number of casual games and entertaining apps. Helena also worked in fintech for a while, which helps her calculate a game balance at Pomsky Games.
Stan Key
Programming, Game Design
Stan is incredibly passionate about games. He created his first board game when he was 12 of age, and later he managed to transform that passion into profession. Stan has a comprehensive experience in gamedev, creating his own games since 2012. He has also been been working as a UI Programmer in a number of AAA games.
Olga Aksenova
Art Director
Olga is an experienced artist working in game and entertaining service development for years. She is passionate about art and nature which are the greatest sources of inspiration for her. She especially admires Dutch Golden Age painting and abstract art, and Wassily Kandinsky is her favorite painter. She is the one who's created the visual style of Groovy Road.