Pomsky Games
We're a crew of people who passionate about creating games. We believe we could make a diverse gamedev market even better offering games that you would love to play.
About us
Pomsky Games is a small indie gamedev studio based in Toronto, Canada, that is dedicated to creating mobile and PC games. As a crew we started working in 2018 to deliver our first mobile puzzle called Bubblesome.

Pomsky Games is run by Helena Savenko and Stan Key, both are co-founders, and nice little pomsky named May, who are a significant source of inspiration for the whole team. The studio couldn't succeed without friends who are always happy to contribute their expertise to some of the projects as freelancers.

The gamedev market is getting changed constantly, offering gamers impressive novelties: VR, well-designed details, viral mechanics, dramatic content, fascinating narrative. We would love to be a part of all of those things, delivering games inspired by our inexhaustible fantasy and experience in both gaming and software development.

We believe we could make a diverse gamedev market even better offering games that you want to play.
We are actively working on three games right now
Tomb Robbers
Intriguing mobile arcade
Zombie Rush
Bloody action/arcade apocalypse for PC
Play rigth now
Pop bubbles, feel awesome!
Meet our Founders
Helena Savenko
Producer, UX/UI, Level Design, Game Design
Helena's been working in Software Development since 2006. Her career in gamedev started in 2011 in a popular social network where she developed a number of casual games and entertaining apps. Helena also worked in fintech for a while, which helps her calculate a brilliant game balance at Pomsky Games.
Stan Key
Programming, Game Design
Stan is incredibly passionate about games. He created his first board game when he was 12 of age, and later he managed to transform that passion into profession. Stan has a comprehensive experience in gamedev, creating his own games since 2012. He has also been taking part in development of a number of AAA games as a UI Programmer.
May the Dog
May is a little pomsky that has been rescued in 2017. Since that time she became a close friend of the studio and a permanent source of ideas about new games.
May loves being outside, but she never minds to take a nap, while others are working.
May is being a prototype for the game, which is in progress right now.

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Toronto, ON, Canada